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Gordon Korman
Donut Go Breaking My Heart: A Wish Novel
Suzanne Nelson
Living Me to We: The Guide for Socially Conscious Canadians
Craig Kielburger
Rising Tide: Dark Innocence
Claudette Melanson
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Some Pig

Charlotte's Web - Kate DiCamillo, E.B. White, Garth Williams

Charlottes Web was a phenomenal story full of fun, fairs and fantasy's. Also a side that I thought would never come full of sorrow. I highly recommend this book.

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Spooky books!
Spooky books!

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Camp Fairy

Cara the Camp Fairy - Daisy Meadows


This was a fantastic book like all the other ones that Daisy Meadows has wrote I love summer camp so this was one that I could even bring to summer camp with me! Cara The Camp Fairy was a great book! And I would like to read more of hers!



Clouds and Lightning

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan


This is a fantastic written book that you have to read! It is the best Fantasy book I have ever read in my life. It has so many things happening that you just have to keep reading and reading the book for hours and hours!



4 Girls Magazine idea!

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Leading Ladies #2 (Forever Four) by Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody (2012) Paperback - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

This was an amazing tale about 4 girls that started a magazine called 4 Girls. They write about things that go on around the school and I did not read the first one but I think it explained a lot of what happened in the last book so your covered. This book was really good with a lot things happening like prom, a flu around the school and a lot more. Great story for teen writers and aiming for some young people who have just started a magazine! I highly recommend it.




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Creme de la Cover Contest!

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Bestselling books for pennies!

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September 2015 isssue is out!

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The September issue of InD'tale magazine has published! If you're a subscriber, just look for it in your inbox! Everyone else, pop over to www.indtale.com and check it out!!

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Hope you are all having a great Monday afternoon! (And if you check around my page you can tell I am glued to adding the emotions on every post I post!) LOL!

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InDScribe Confernce soon!
InDScribe Confernce soon!

Cant wait for InDScribe Conference check out all the details at www.indscribe.com and book now! Cant wait to see you at InDScribe Con 2015 in Palm Springs, California!

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InD'Scribe Con 2015!!!!

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#bookbloggers and #readers At InD'Scribe Con 2015 you can meet over 100 authors and buy their books THROUGHOUT the whole convention, not only on a one day book fair! Register now! Don't miss out! http://www.indscribe.com


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Recommend books with emotions: now you can add emotion status to your posts and reviews!

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We're feeling super excited today and now we can highlight it with our brand new emotion status :-D


Really good book is the one that provokes thinking and emotions. After all that's the best thing in reading: feeling and living several lives at a time, , don't you think? On the other hand, you may want to express sadness or disappointment if the book did not fulfill your expectations. Well, go for it! Don't keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself -- show how you feel about your reading experiences and share your feelings with your friends!


To choose the emotion status for your post start writing any kind of post, and answer the questions: How do you feel about this? 




Click the smiley face to see all emotion statuses, and click the one that fits your mood and corresponds to your post and book(s) attached. 



The emotion status will be added to your post and highlighted on Dashboard giving your followers a clue how a given book made you feel. 


How cool is that!?!




Btw, if you're thinking Hey, I'd like to add emotion status not only to posts but also to books, we would say you read in our minds. Just wait and see what's coming next :-)



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In light of the current trend in the industry to charge for giving reviews, may we just interject...


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