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The Leprechaun Story

One day Conner the leprechaun that lived in the town of Lucky Ville. He went on a trip to the mountains. He was not allowed to go to the mountains. And he went with his dog Pie. There was mountain lions in the mountains. He was not frightened at all! He heard something near the big rock behind him. It was mountain lion! He ran. He was scared. Then he climbed another big rock. He almost  fell off. Then Conner ran with Pie back to Lucky Ville. He told his mom and dad. They were the king and queen of Lucky Ville. He said'' Mom dad I went to the mountains I am sorry''. His dad said'' I am very furious with you Conner''! His mom said'' I am too''! Go to your room right now''!!! demanded is father. Then Conner ran to his room. He slammed the door shut really loudly and cried.

The next morning Conner woke up. His dog Pie was barking really loud. Conner snuck out of the castle quietly and passed the guards. Conner ran back to the mountains. He found another mountain lion. It growled and ran away from Conner. Conner ran after the mountain lion. The mountain lion did not stop running. Conner did not stop either. Then Conner fell down. Pie helped Conner up. And Conner ran back to the castle. He did not tell anyone that he went back to the mountains. Then the next morning a mountain lion was spotted. His father knew that he went back. His father said'' Conner  I knew you went back''. Then Conner ran to his room. He grabbed his rope and ran outside. And then Conner ran to where the mountain lion was spotted. And with a whirl and pull... he caught the mountain lion. Then his father was so happy for him. He said'' I know what I will do for this day . I will call this day St Patrick's Day''!!! Everybody cheered!!! And all thanked Conner!
That means that no other mountain lions will come again.
The End!!!! And Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!!