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One day there was a girl named Maggie she loved to go to the lake at the park downtown. Well that day Maggie and her mom and dad also her older sister Crissia went there. They loved feeding the fish. " mom can we have a picnic" asked Maggie. " I do not know I will ask your dad". She went to go ask her dad. he said " Yes Maggie we can". So they got all the stuff they needed and headed off. They got there and ate some food then the mom asked" Do you guys want to take a dip in the pool"? " Is it safe". "Yes". So Maggie + Crissia + Mom and Dad got there bathing suits on and jumped in the lake for a little while. After the family got dry they left to go back home. When they got home Maggie and Crissia said" I am bored Mom''!!!!!!! " Well go ride your bikes some more''. ''No''!! '' You can play with dolls''. '' Fine''. So Maggie and Crissia played with the dolls. ''When is it going to be Canada Day'' wondered Maggie. The Mom said '' Tomorrow sweetie''. The next morning Maggie got up at  6:00 AM. She ran to her Mom , Dad and Crissia '' It is Canada day'' shouted Maggie. they got up and brushed there teeth, put on there clothes and combed there hair. The family got in the car and drove to the Festival. '' OMG '' said Maggie. I want to go get my face painted, play fun games and you cant forget this one getting cotton candy''. She went were there was a face painter. '' What would you like'' asked the lady. '' A Tiger''. After she was done with the painting Maggie said ''Thank you '' said Maggie. They went to go  play some games. '' I won them all '' !!!!!!!!!! Then everybody waited a little bit for the fireworks. While they were waiting they went to go get some cotton candy. 4 hours later... the master had an announcement to announce '' Now we will be shooting the grand fireworks''. they got the cannon ready and... FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody cheered!!! That went on for 1 hour then everybody drove home. They brushed there teeth and put on there PJ's for bedtime. '' Goodnight mom and Happy Canada Day''.           

The End!